Welcome to Iron Brigade Relics!

We have had no Shows for 3 months. I know my update on the website is very overdue. I plan to update one topic each day for the next two weeks. Thanks for your patience and I have resolved to do better on this. I am working on the update and hope you take a look. Thanks

I have a large stock of documents, POW covers, CSA covers, images, CSA currency, and Election political pins.

Visit us at these locations at Exit 76 on I 65 in Indiana and Southport Antique Mall in Indianapolis. The cases will be loaded for the next 2 months. Items $20 to $600

My wife tells me I have MANY more items. Can you ever have enough?? Take a second and email and tell me what you are looking for.

Exit 76 Antique Mall- I-65 Exit 76 at Edinburg, In
Southport Antique Mall Indy